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5 EGGcellent Easter Crochet Ideas

5 EGGcellent Easter Crochet Ideas

I love Easter! The start of spring, new life and of course the chocolate eggs! There are so many cute Easter crochet makes to get excited about but I’ve narrowed it down to my top 5 plus a bonus pattern you can use for any season/occasion.

Easter Bunny Washcloth

This image belongs to Easy Crochet

This super cute bunny dish cloth is you’re classic Easter make. It’s perfect for the season and I personally love it! Why not dig that cotton out you’ve been saving and give it a ago. Find all the info here.

Crocheted Easter Eggs

Image belongs to Petals to Picots

These eggs are perfect for any Easter table or to make your room brighter at Easter time. Bright colours and new makes are just what this season needs! Why not give this quick make a go. Find the pattern here.

Crochet Bunny Headband

Image belongs to Grace and Yarn

This super cute make is perfect for all those little bunnies this Easter. I love this make and will definitely be whipping one up for my little girl! Find all the details for the pattern here.

If you love this make and can’t crochet or don’t have the time why not buy one from the amazing Gemma of Little Berry Crochet. She is a brilliant crocheter and certainly has a demand for these at this time of year.

Crochet Spring Bunny

Now how cute is this? This bunting is so cute and I personally love it! What a fab way to decorate for Easter. The bunnies are made individually and would also make great tags for Easter gifts too, don’t you think? Find this pattern and details on Love The Blue Bird here.

Ragdoll Spring Bunny

Image belongs to Spin a Yarn Crochet

This is one I’ve made before and I absolutely loved it! The pattern is so simple to follow and this make is a great alternative to that Easter chocolate we all love so much. Find all the details here!

And now for the bonus pattern/idea!

A few years ago, as tags to go on all those chocolate eggs for our family I made some cute initial tags. I can’t remember the exact pattern I used but here is a similar one so you can enjoy the same.

The Moogly Crochet Alphabet

Image belongs to Moogly

For example I would make a H for Hev and attach it to my own egg because yes, I’m just that kind of girl! I added a little bit of yarn to create a loop for attachment and hey presto, cute initial tags for your presents, Easter or not. Why not give it ago!

Enjoy your cuppa and have a brilliant Easter,



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