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Corner to Corner Heaven

Corner to Corner Heaven

Another grey day here in the middle of June. I’m not a huge fan of summer but I can however appreciate a dry day.

A little while ago I got the corner to corner bug! It had taken me nearly 4 years to try it out. At first glance I couldn’t hack how complicated I thought it looked, we all have those moments, right? I finally got another amazing tutorial from BellaCoco Crochet – link can be found HERE and thought I’d try my luck. I almost laughed at myself after finding out how easy it was! I started with a few simple squares and was hooked. After a quick search showing all sorts of weird and wonderful designs I thought I’d try my hand at designing my own.

The heart was the simplest of the few I drew so I didn’t waste any time whipping it up. I used Red Heart Soft Baby Steps yarn, which if you follow me on Instagram you’ll know all about, who doesn’t love a bargin, and it turned out to be an absolutely gorgeous vibrant piece.

I have included the graph and a simple pattern for this piece below. Some knowledge of the corner to corner stitch would be helpful as this pattern is not written for the complete beginner.

Ps. If you’re feeling confident skip straight down to the heart graph below and have fun!


Red Heart Soft Baby Step in Pink, dye lot 0000 and Purple, dye lot 0000

5.5mm crochet hook

Yarn Needle to sew in your ends 



My piece measured approximately 22 x 22 CM. I have a fairly loose tension so please use a bigger hook size if you’d like your to measure exactly the same.


This pattern is written in US terminology

Ch- Chain

St(s) – Stitche(s)

Slst – Slip Stitch

Dc – Double Crochet

Rep – Repeat

RS – Right Side

WS – Wrong Side


Notes – I would recommend changing colours at the top of the last double crochet to make the colour switch look smoother.


Row 1  – CH 6, DC in the 4th ch from hook and in the next 2 CH, ch 6 and turn (1 block, RS)

Row 2 – DC in the 4th CH from hook and in the next 2 CH, Slst into the turning chain of the previous block, CH 3, 3 DC into the same space. CH 6 and turn – Do this at the end of every row to increase. (2 blocks, WS)

Row 3 – DC in the 4th CH from hook and in the next 2 CH, slst into the turning chain of the previous block, CH 3, 3 DC into the same space, Slst in the turning chain of the next block and Rep as before, CH 3, 3 DC into the same space. CH 6 and turn (3 blocks, RS)

Carry on this way until you reach row 13.

See images below for a step by step guide.


When you reach the height of the graph (13 blocks diagonally) instead of CH 6 and turn you will turn your work and Slst along the top of the last block (into the 3 spaces between the DC’s) CH 3 and work 3 DC into the first DC of the previous row and continue to join and make blocks as usual turning and Slst into the end of every row on both sides to decrease. 

Please see images below.

Remember to Slst across the last block also, CH 1 and fasten off.

Here’s a handy graph for you to follow and use for all your beautiful corner to corner projects.

Why not try making more hearts and creating your own piece with this pattern? You could make 4 hearts and stitch them together to make a pillow or make the hearts and join them together to make a baby blanket or even a scarf, the possibilities are endless but just remember to have fun while you’re doing it!

Remember to tag me on Instagram in your beautiful creations so I can see @hevshomecrochet

This pattern and images are copyright of Hev’s Home Crochet. You must not sell or reproduce this pattern. You may sell items made from this pattern but must credit me as the designer.

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