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Granny’s Woven Throw

Granny’s Woven Throw

I love a cosy throw and this make is no exception. Made from gorgeous thick Aran and fluffy fashion yarn you can’t say this isn’t a comfy cosy make! Inspired by my grandmother this piece is a modern twist on a classic.

Just after I had my daughter my Granddad gave me some blankets made by Granny, she passed 20 years ago so these were super special to me! My Granny taught me to knit when I was about 4, she was all things yarn and crafts, my 91 yr old granddad still fondly talks about all the yarn she used to squirrel away. I couldn’t not dedicate a make to the woman who helped inspire me to love all thing yarny.

Lets get stuck into the pattern! I cannot wait for you all to make the Granny’s Woven Throw. It’s quick and beginner friendly, it’s also my biggest pattern to date!

Here we go…


400g Aran weight for the main body

150g Fluffy or 4 weight yarn (A textured yarn will help give better definition).

6mm Hook

Yarn needle



This pattern is written in US terminology

Ch – Chain

St – Stitch

Rep – Repeat

DC – Double Crochet

BC – Base Colour

WC – Weave Colour


Width – 130 cm

Height – 100 cm


  • This pattern is made up of 2 main parts.  1. The base and the weave. The pattern below is for the base and there is a small image tutorial for the weave.
  • The best part of all if you do this pattern as follows there are ONLY 2 ends to sew in.



Using BC Ch 174 plus 6 (180)

Row 1 – DC in the 6th Ch from the hook, Ch 1, skip a Ch and DC in the next, Ch 1, skip the next Ch and Dc in the next. Rep until the end of the row and Ch 4 (inserting a stitch marker into the 3rd chain).

Row 2 – Dc directly above the last DC, Ch 1 and Rep pattern as before. To finish the row Ch 1 as before to create a space and  DC into the 3rd Ch of the Ch 4, where the St marker was placed, this acts as the last DC. Ch 4 (inserting a stitch marker into the 3rd chain if needed).

and turn

Row 3 – 64 – Rep as Row 2.


Using your WC colour.

Cut 140 lengths of WC yarn at 150 cm each.

Lay your base down flat using a yarn needle and your WC double stranded weave your yarn in and out of the gaps made from your DC and Ch 1 above.

  • Try to insert your needle from the same side on each row this will create an even look when creating your tassels.

Tassels – 

Gathering the yarn ends from across 4 rows use strands from the groups ends to tie around the group and make a tassel. See images below

Tassel ends                                 Ends tied off to create finished tassel

Check out this make from one of my pattern testers! Image by Out of Yarn.

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This pattern and images are copyright of Hev’s Home Crochet. You must not sell or reproduce this pattern. You may sell items made from this pattern but must credit me as the designer.

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