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25 Days of Lockdown Crochet

25 Days of Lockdown Crochet

Lockdown in the UK again… BLAH!

I had planned to wait until next year to start some form of group project but when a second lockdown was announced I decided I didn’t want to hang around and I set up 25 Days of Lockdown Crochet. A small group project that gets people crocheting to help stay positive during this awful time.

Day 1 & 2 Of Lockdown Crochet Image by Hev’s Home Crochet

I wanted to create something super simple that everyone at any level could follow along with and still be unique.

I opted for a striped blanket and double stranded my yarn to make my piece stand out. If you want the full pattern why not join my Instagram group, there are still 17 days of lockdown left, why not use this time to join me! I’ve got a special treat for everyone who’s joined so it’s never to late!

Coming together as a community in a time like this is paramount. I certainly understood what it was like to feel trapped during lockdown #1 and having something like a crochet along to keep my mind focused would have been amazing. Although a project was never far away last lockdown it wasn’t planned and I didn’t have much to keep me in check when I was bored of my WIPs… ever get that feeling?

Day 3 and 4 of Lockdown Crochet Image by Hev’s Home Crochet

As you can see my blanket has no rhyme or reason to it, I call it my ‘ugly’ blanket, but it’s still pretty, wouldn’t you agree? This project is a real stash buster and definitely something I will be encouraging myself to do more when my stash gets too big. My usual go to is to get overwhelmed and sell my yarn but not anymore!!

It’s currently day 9 and everyone is doing such an amazing job so far, I have shared a few examples below of there fantastic work!

Images by Mary Boumaraf, Little Berry Crochet and mystitchingdiary19

I hope this post encourages you to join in and be part of the group. Even if you’re thinking its to late to join and just want to feel like part of the community, send me a message. The crochet chit chat wont end once lockdown ends so why not be apart of the Hev’s Home Crochet community and join in.

See you there, with a cuppa of course!

Hev xoxo

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