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Crochet 101: Yarn Sizes and What Hooks Size To Use

Crochet 101: Yarn Sizes and What Hooks Size To Use

Yarn: it’s loved by all us crocheters and is 100% essential for the job. There are so many sizes and each size requires a different hook size and some patience if you haven’t used it before.

When I first started to crochet I had literally no clue what was best yarn wise, I just picked up the first yarn I saw which ended up being the most common yarn size in the UK, something you’ve all probably got, DK weight yarn. I found it too thin and just ended up getting frustrated. I gave up and didn’t pick up my hook again for around a month! When I was ready to give crochet another try I did a bit more research and picked some chunky yarn which changed my life! My point is crochet is not a one size fits all, so feel free to try and experiment. Get a feel for what works for you and don’t think just because your crochet bestie uses DK that it must be right. Even now you’ll very rarely catch me using anything less than an Aran weight, thinner yarns just aren’t for me.

I’ve put together a helpful guide that lists all the yarn sizes, from thinnest to thickest, that are currently standard and terms that are used widely to describe them along with their corresponding hook sizes. This will help you to build your hook and yarn stash based on what suits your wants and needs. Always remember to check your yarn label to see the recommend hook size too but again, don’t be scared to experiment.

In the US yarn weights are used more widely than the common crochet terms for yarn which are used in the UK. Be sure to check out the full description/details of the yarn before purchasing if you’re unsure.

Enjoy your cuppa,

Hev xoxo

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