Crochet 101
Crochet 101: Tips For Beginners

Crochet 101: Tips For Beginners

Starting a new hobby can be really exciting but also really overwhelming when you’re flooded with a ton of information you don’t quite understand. I put together a few quick tips for beginners that might help ease some of your worries and or make getting started that much easier for you.

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Pick the right tools for the job – Choose the yarn and accessories that are right for you. It’s 100% okay for you to use a supermarket yarn instead of fancy Icelandic yarn, but make sure it’s working for you. If it’s itchy or too rough you really won’t enjoy stitching. I once bought a yarn from a popular UK homeware store, I thought “what a bargain!” and bought around 3 200g balls and after getting home and going for it, it actually made me feel physically sick! It felt like someone was rubbing sandpaper between my fingers while I was crocheting and you guessed it those balls are still in my loft… never to be used again!

Use light colours when starting out – You might love a dark autumnal theme or be a lover of black but unfortunately using darker colours when crocheting makes the stitches harder to see. Be kind to yourself and use a lighter colour when practicing. Once you’ve found your feet use as much burgundy and black as you like. You can thank me later.

An Aran/worsted/4 weight yarn is a beginner winner in my book. Being slightly bigger than a DK/3 weight yarn will give you more material to hold on to and bigger stitches for you to see when starting out. This will definitely make the process easier.

Crochet hooks – Crochet hooks come in all shapes and sizes just like yarn. What works for someone else might not necessarily work for you. For example try a crochet hook with a soft grip handle instead of the metal hook you’ve been using. This might be easier on your hands but also give you something thicker with extra weight to grip making the movements easier.

Pick a simple yarn to start with – Fashion yarn is so fun and funky! It comes in all sorts of colours and fuzziness but when you are starting out you need something you can see. All the fuzzies can block up your stitches so make sure you’re using a simple plain yarn. A single colour acrylic yarn is what I would recommend.

If you’re still searching for the right tools for the job why not check out Deramores, the UK’s leading online, award-winning knitting & crochet retailer.

Practice make perfect – Remember guys, Rome wasn’t built in a day and you won’t be able to crochet the biggest most amazing crochet items in your first 24 hours, 7 days, heck even a month. Start small and remember each stitch is progress. At the same time feel proud of your achievements. You’ve already come this far, there’s no stopping you now!

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Enjoy your cuppa,

Hev xoxo

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