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Crochet 101: Yarn Buying Tips

Crochet 101: Yarn Buying Tips

Started crocheting and now you’ve become a yarn addict? We’re right there with you, I promise! Buying, seeing, touching sometimes even smelling yarn are all perks of the job so to help you shop smarter I’ve listed some of my top yarn buying tips.

Always try to shop in the sales! If you’re much like me and LOVE a bargain and can afford to wait then shop the sales. This will save you money and that good deal feeling will just keep on giving! Bigger yarn companies always have sales so don’t feel like you need to pay full price all the time.

98% of the time it really helps to know what you are shopping for. Know what you are making then buy the yarn, otherwise you’ll end up with a ton of yarn you love but when you come to make a project you won’t have the right yarn in your stash and will have to buy more, although it’s not always a bad thing to have more yarn, ha.

Quality matters! If you’ve read my Crochet 101: Tips For Beginners – read here, you’ll know my horrific cheap yarn buying story. It gives me shivers to think about. Every time I see that yarn I always go right back to those feelings. Quality matters when buying yarn, don’t settle for anything less than what you like!

Always read reviews. If you’ve never tried a yarn before or don’t know where to start try and read some reviews or get on Instagram and send me a message, you can find me here. Again yarn isn’t a one size fits all so be sure to make sure you’re getting your moneys worth after all although crochet is an inexpensive hobby, yarn hoarding isn’t.

Dye Lots, what are those I hear you ask! Coloured yarn is dyed to become green or blue or pink etc. Although manufactures use the same process to create the colour ways for the yarn they cannot always guarantee that the dyes will be be exactly the same shade of royal blue all the time. If you need 4 balls of yarn in the same colour for the same project try and pick 4 balls from the same dye lot so you know they will all be exactly the same shade of royal blue as each other. These are usually clearly printed in the back of the yarn label.

Lastly, who doesn’t love going into a shop and buying yarn. Although I’m a massive bargain hunter and generally shop online, I try not to neglect my local yarn shop. It’s small and quaint but it to holds sales, you might even find a killer deal like I did with 50% Wool and the Gang.

Enjoy your cuppa,

Hev xoxo

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