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Crochet 101: Benefits Of Crafting

Crochet 101: Benefits Of Crafting

Crafting, not only crochet, has been seen by many professionals to give calming and positive benefits, just one more reason to take up crochet in my book.

Amongst a host of other reasons I’ve listed my top 6 benefits of crafting.

Crochet has been a saviour for many in this community, it’s even recommend by the NHS for reducing stress and relieving depression and anxiety. After 2020 I think we all feel the importance of having a stress-free or less stressful life and yarn crafts are the way forward in my book.

Crafting can boost your self esteem and self confidence. Seeing/holding something physically you have created, spent hours working hard at it just brings a massive rush of joy and excitement. This can really help to build you as a person and make you believe you are the amazing person I already know you are!

Crafting has gained a massive following over the years and I cannot stress enough how big the community is. Crochet isn’t just a group of grannies sitting in a church hall yapping away, I completely break the mould on that one, it has a massive following and is so diverse. Everyone is so welcoming and people cannot wait to get to know you and find out what you’re making and in turn you’ll want to be nosey too!

Having a creative outlet is so important for many people. An academic setting isn’t for me at all! Having a ‘space’ where I can just work with my hands and create something I absolutely love is more impowering to me than any classroom, sorry school teachers! If you’re much like me, try your hand at crafting and I’ll even let you off if its not crochet!

Enjoy your cuppa,

Hev xoxo

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