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Crochet 101: Hook Sizes

Crochet 101: Hook Sizes

Metric, UK or US. Just like yarn, different parts of the world have different terms for crochet hooks sizes too. They are all the same but sometimes it’s nice to be in the know.

Personally I’ve only ever used the metric system for crochet hook sizing (this is used pretty much universally) but in case you do stumble across a brand or traditional crafts store which uses the UK or US system I’ve put together a hand guide to help you lovely lot out.

I find that some times US crocheters will use the US hook size terms and why shouldn’t they! If you find yourself reading a pattern written in by someone using US terms and you see the hook size listed as ‘H’ you’ll know straight away you’ll need a 5.5 mm hook by using the handy table above.

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