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Crochet 101: Looking After Your Finished Projects

Crochet 101: Looking After Your Finished Projects

YAY! Huge congratulations on finishing that project you’ve been working hard at. I love the feeling of a finished piece. Makes you feel a little bit more complete every single time. That sense of achievement that you get when you’ve made something with your own two hands, theres nothing better!

I’ve put together a small list of ways to look after your work, things you should do and avoid to make sure your works stays in it’s best condition.

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Always check the yarn label for washing instructions. Follow these to a T. If you don’t you might end up with a baby jumper instead of that sweater you made for your husband. Personally I would try and hand wash and line dry my makes. This will reduce the risk of pilling or stretching. Nobody likes a cushion with little bobbles all over it!

If you are like me, picking little bobbles off your makes annoys you then why not try an Anti pilling yarn? There are plenty on the market. My favourite being Deramores Anti Pilling Aran. – Click here to shop the range.

Blocking your work. This is a process of wetting your work then laying flat to dry, holding it down with pins to keep it in shape until completely dry. This will help your work to hold its shape and also soften the work.

Hangers are definitely not your BFF! They can stretch garments and make you work droopy. If you are wearing a jumper every other day then by all means use a hanger and store it with your other clothes but crochet is usually seasonal and your work will do much better being folded and packed away ready for the next season than it would being left to hang for 6 months or so.

Store your work safely. You’ve worked so hard on that make and you don’t deserve to be sad next time you bring it out to find its been moth eaten or moulding. Make sure your makes are dry before storing. I store most of my work in the loft, as apparently I’m not allowed more than 6 blankets on the sofa at any one time, I use the vacuum storage bags and they work a treat. They are inexpensive and are even great for storing yarn in.

Enjoy your cuppa,

Hev xoxo

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