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Crochet 101:Blankets

Crochet 101:Blankets

Once you’ve got the hang of crochet you’ll want to start working on some projects. Some of the first projects I made where scarves and blankets and these are still my go makes to now.

When it comes to blankets the bigger the better in my eyes but as a beginner I would start a bit smaller. I’ve come up with a handy chart for you, listing the more common blanket sizes to make it a bit easier for you to get started.

As I said if this is your first blanket make the smaller the better. Even if you don’t know any small people who would enjoy this blanket you can always gift or donate it if you don’t want to keep it.

Why not try one of my free blanket patterns? I have a few listed on my blog so take a look and let me know in the comments below which one takes your fancy. They are all beginner friendly but if you’re struggling you can find me on Instagram HERE.

The Woven Granny Blanket

Northern Blossom Baby Blanket

Even better, if you want all the yarn for your blanket posted to your door with a video tutorial included head over to Etsy now to shop my kits.

Enjoy your cuppa,

Hev xoxo

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