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Crochet 101: Double Stranding Yarn

Crochet 101: Double Stranding Yarn

Sometimes we want to make something so bad and we just don’t have the right yarn to start without going to the shops or waiting on a yarn order. If you feel confident enough and you have enough yarn you can double strand some smaller weight yarn together to create the size you need.

This works really well for projects that require a closer texture or makes you want to be extra cosy, for example wearable accessories like scarves or home decor like blankets and baskets.

I’ve put together a super helpful chart to help you with your double stranding. For example if your project requires Aran yarn go ahead and use 2 strands of DK to create the same look and size as the pattern.

Now you lovely lot will never be without a project on your hook while waiting for your next yarn order to arrive!

Happy Crocheting,

Hev xoxo

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